Tuesday, June 17, 2014

just a thought on bullying….

After watching this, it's clear why we try to raise resilient children, so they aren't damaged by bullying.
What do we do about the bullies?

The bullies are the normal children…who are getting along just fine….they could be your children/my children. We need to be conscious about raising children that are respectful of themselves and others. We need to remember that empathy is learned….children will not pick it up if they don't see examples of it in their caregivers. Children learn from example, so it's not about the bullies, but it's about how do we (the adults) change? Society will not change until each individual decides to work on themselves; we all have to work on becoming better people. That is the only way we can create a better world.

And this is why I teach parenting….so that (us) parents can get together and have that conversation about how we're going to change so that we can raise children into the adults we hope they become.

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD)

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects at least one in twenty children. Children with SPD don't process or experience sensory information the way other typical children do; therfore, they don't behave the way other children do. They struggle to perform tasks that come easier for other children. Consequently they suffer a loss of quality in their social, personal, emotional and academic life.

The Sensory Processing Disorder Foundation is dedicated to continue their research into the knowledge and treatment of SPD, so that, as Lucy Jane Miller writes in her book "Sensations Kids", "the millions of sensational children currently "muddling through" daily life will enjoy the same hope and help that research and recognition already have bestowed on coutless other conditions that once baffled science and disrupted lives."